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Doktorsritgerðir 1985 - 1992

  • Roul Joensen
    Dagsetning varnar: 25. apríl 1992
    Heiti ritgerðar: Raits of faroese neuroepidemicology.
  • Atli Dagbjartsson
    Dagsetning varnar: 14. október 1989
    Heiti ritgerðar: Inhibition and excitation of fetal beta-adrenergic receptors during hypoxia- a study in the ovine fetus.
  • Hallgrímur Magnússon
    Dagsetning varnar: 16. september 1989
    Heiti ritgerðar: The mental health of octogenarians in Iceland. An epidemiological study.
  • Kári Stefánsson
    Dagsetning varnar: 6. febrúar 1988
    Heiti ritgerðar: A few members of the family of nervous system glycoproteins that contain the HNK-1 epitope- a study in desease and development.
  • Ólafur Grétar Guðmundsson
    Dagsetning varnar: 21. nóvember 1987
    Heiti ritgerðar: Immunologic aspects of the lacrimal gland and tears.
  • Þórir Dan Björnsson
    Dagsetning varnar: 14. nóvember 1987
    Heiti ritgerðar: Clinical pharmacology of heparin: Studies on its pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
  • Stefán Skaftason
    Dagsetning varnar: 26. september 1987
    Heiti ritgerðar: Otosurgery in Iceland 1970-1980.
  • Reynir Tómas Geirsson
    Dagsetning varnar: 20. september 1986
    Heiti ritgerðar: Intrauterine volume in pregnancy.
  • Ingvar Þór Bjarnason
    Dagsetning varnar: 1. febrúar 1986
    Heiti ritgerðar: Studies on the Intestinal Mucosal Barrier.
  • Nikulás Þórir Sigfússon
    Dagsetning varnar: 14. desember 1985
    Heiti ritgerðar: Hypertension in middle-aged men. The effect of repeated screening and referral to community physicians on hypertensions contronl.