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Meistarafyrirlestur í vélaverkfræði - Mehmet Pekyavas

21. maí 2019 10:00 til 11:30


Stofa 157

Aðgangur ókeypis

Meistaranemi: Mehmet Pekyavas

Heiti verkefnis:  Thermal and Structural Modeling of the Sacrificial Casing for Geothermal Wells


Deild: Iðnaðarverkfræði, vélaverkfræði og tölvunarfræðideild

Leiðbeinendur: Sigrún Nanna Karlsdóttir og Magnús Þór Jónsson, bæði prófessorar við Iðnaðarverkfræði, vélaverkfræði og tölvunarfræðideild

Prófdómari: Gunnar Skúlason Kaldal


Geothermal energy is widely used in Iceland for electricity generation in power plants and direct utilization in space heating, greenhouses and swimming pools. Although the operational costs of utilizing geothermal energy is low, the maintenance of geothermal wells can be costly. A novel casing protection, the Sacrificial Casing, could be used to decrease the maintenance costs of high temperature geothermal wells, as well as protecting them from corrosion and high loads due to constrained thermal expansion effects of the geothermal well environment. This project investigates the advantages of using the sacrificial casing in high temperature geothermal wells by using finite element methods. Multiple axisymmetric 2D thermal and structural analyses were conducted using ANSYS Mechanical software. Pressure and temperature data from a geothermal well in Iceland (HE-61) was used to analyze and compare three different drilling and production scenarios with and without the sacrificial casing in the well.