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Lizanne Henderson & Monica Germanà

18. október 2018 12:00 til 14:00

Veröld - Hús Vigdísar

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Lizanne Henderson: 
Bear Tales: Ways of Seeing Polar Bears in Traditional Folktales and Modern Day Children’s Literature.
This paper will examine the various, intercultural ‘ways of seeing’ polar bears as expressed in traditional folktales and contemporary adaptations of such tales. Key questions will include, how has the polar bear been described and illustrated through history, and how is it depicted today? What aesthetic and/or moral messages can be decoded from folktale, literary adaptations and visual representations of the polar bear? What can folktales and mythological stories involving the polar bear reveal about human perceptions of the natural world? What place does the polar bear hold in the human imagination? Ultimately, what can stories about polar bears teach us about our
relationship with nature, particularly in a time of widespread habitat loss and concerns about climate change.

Monica Germanà: 
Gene Therapy, Invisible Cars, and Frost: James Bond’s Icelandic Mission in Die Another Day.
This talk explores the ways in which the Icelandic setting of Die Another Day accommodates the slipperiness of national/racial identity categories, which the film references through genetic manipulation, SF technology, and the geopolitics of permeable boundaries. Central to the mission is the juxtaposition of Bond Girl/Bond Girl Villain, which simultaneously challenges and reinforces the neat foundations of James Bond’s control over his mission, and the world he represents.

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Lizanne Henderson & Monica Germanà

Lizanne Henderson & Monica Germanà