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Fyrirlestur um míkró-fyrirbærafræði

20. júní 2018 15:00 til 16:30


Aðgangur ókeypis

Claire Petitmengin, prófessor emeríta, við frönsku Mines-Télécom stofnunina, flytur fyrirlestur á sviði míkró-fyrirbærafræði á vegum rannsóknarverkefnisins Embodied Critical Thinking. Fyrirlesturinn verður haldinn í Þjóðminjasafninu miðvikudaginn 20. júní kl. 15:00-16:30.

Titill erindisins er „Exploring the hidden side of lived experience through Micro-Phenomenology“ og því lýsir Claire með þessum orðum: „What’s happening when an idea comes to us? When we listen to a course, read an article, or write an e-mail? When we discover an artwork, listen to a piece of music, or breathe a perfume? A large part of these phenomena, which constitute the very texture of our existence, escape awareness and verbal description, and have thus far been excluded from scientific investigation. Micro-phenomenology enables us to discover ordinary inaccessible dimensions of our lived experience and describe them very accurately and reliably. The development of this “psychological microscope” opens vast fields of investigation in the educational, technological, clinical and therapeutic, as well as artistic and contemplative domains.“

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Fyrirlestur um míkró-fyrirbærafræði