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Norwegian teacher education and the latest reforms: Research-based, integrated and with a focus on multiculturalism

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7. apríl 2017 - 12:15
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Háskóli Íslands

Fyrirlesari: Lise Iversen Kulbrandstad, prófessor við Hedmark University, Noregi.


Challenges in kindergartens and schools are increasingly met by changes in teacher education. This is easy to notice in a country like Norway where the politicians, not the higher education institutions themselves, decide on objectives, learning outcomes and structure of teacher education programs. Changes thus mean national reforms. As an example, Norwegian teacher education for compulsory school has been reformed five times the last twenty five years, with the latest reform being implemented in August this year turning the programs into five-year integrated master programs with a stronger emphasis on research. The reforms have all been part of the politicians’ ambitions to make high quality schools. Making high quality schools of today means paying special attention to the increasing linguistic and cultural diversity since around 14 % of students in compulsory school have immigrants themselves are born in Norway with two parents who themselves have immigrated, and since there is an achievement gap between these multilingual learners and the students with majority language backgrounds. 

About the lecturer:

Lise Iversen Kulbrandstad is a Professor of Norwegian at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, and a guest Professor in the teaching of Swedish as a second language at Karlstad University, Sweden. From 2007 to 2015 she was rector of Hedmark University of Applied Sciences. Her main research interests are literacy, second language learning, and professional development of teachers in kindergarten and schools. She has been especially engaged in the establishment of research network in the Nordic countries, and was one of the founders of NORDAND, the Nordic journal of second language research. Her current research project is Encounter with texts in the 5th grade together with Professor Anne Golden, MultiLing University of Oslo, as well as the project Migration and Transformation of Powerful Knowledge together with the ROSE-group at Karlstad University. 


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