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One Swedish Upper Secondary School for all – but different demands and expectations

21. september 2017 11:05 til 11:45


Menntavísindasvið v/Stakkahlíð (gengið inn frá Háteigsvegi)

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Monica Johansson, Senior Lecturer of Education at the Department of Education and Special Education at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and Pro Dean at the Faculty of Education

Abstract: The focus in this lecture is to analyze the Swedish upper secondary schools mission ”one school for all” and place this in relation to the student’s adaption and resistance. An ethnographic study conducted at one municipal upper secondary school is the lectures data. The result indicates that depending on which program the students were attending they were faced with different demands and expectations. During their education most pupils strive towards adapting to what the school, at a general level, asks for.  However, the students also show varying degrees of resistance.