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Institute of Earth Sciences Seminar

14. september 2018 12:30 til 13:30


3rd Floor Meeting Room

Aðgangur ókeypis

Quinten van der Meer (NordVulk Fellow)

Title: The Lithospheric Mantle of the Limpopo Mobile Belt (South Africa)

Date: Friday, 14th September
Time: 12:30
Place: 3rd Floor meeting room, Askja

Abstract: The Limopopo Mobile Belt in Southern Africa represents the ~2.6 Ga suture zone between the Archean Kaapvaal and Zimbabwe Cratons. I will present geochemical and isotope data for peridotite xenoliths from the Venetia Kimberlite situated in the center of the belt that span a depth range from just below the moho down to the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary. The data is used to compare the chemistry and age (Re-Os) of the local lithospheric mantle to the two adjecent cratons and to assess the plausibility of craton formation models and Archaean continent building.

All are welcome.